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How to manage VPS on SolusVM


MaxServer is using today's the most advanced management system which is SolusVM to manage VPS packages ( excluding the Cheap package using VMware). Here's the quick instruction on how to manage VPS on SolusVM 

1. When you receive an email containing VPS info, scroll down to the bottom of the mail to see SolusVM sign-in info as followed

Control Panel Access
URL: https://solus.maxserver.com
Username: vmuserxxx
Password: passwordfaifna (If you already have access to the control panel please use your existing password)

The only right password is the one you get from your email on the first time you register VPS, you can find your first password to SolusVM by finding our sent emails to you taking steps shown here click here

Or you can click here and enter your Username (vmuserxxx) to get a new password

2. Sign in SolusVM tutorial video:



3. Use VNC to log in VPS (to have a look or to fix VPS in case your configuration is out of network or cannot enter the remote when using window)


4. How to Boot, Reboot, Shutdown,etc on SolusVM (The best way is to login VPS and then take actions there, using hard keys only when you cannot go into VPS to take actions


5. HOw to change your VPS password on SolusVM


6. Re-install Operating System on SolusVM


7. How to re-install Operating System on SolusVM from a disc ISO/CDRom


How to install some common Operating Systems on SolusVM from a disc ISO/CDRom Click Here>>