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How to purchase


Here's a quick instruction to help you easily purchase items right on the website Maxserver

A. Select items: First you need to know which VPS package suits your using purpose, here's the comparison among VPS packages available on MaxServer Click Here

B. How to fill out

+ 1: You can opt for monthly, every 3-month, 6-month or yearly payment

+ 2: Configuration of a server:

      - Easy-to-remember name/Hostname: It's important only when you buy the server to run a website and you should have the domain. If you buy it for casual usage you can choose a name that you find easy to remember and has at least 4 characters 

      - NS1 Prefix and NS2 Prefix: You are free to fill out the name of the server, VPS services and the server. It's only important for hosting service ( you should fill out the server's name that your domain uses)

      - Password for rooting: You insert your password

+ 3: Options and extra services: There are different options coming with each item 

      - Location: Select a location for the server, each package item has a different location, at the moment we have 5 locations which are: United States (Mỹ), Canada, France (Pháp), Deutschland (Đức), Netherlands (Hà Lan)

      - Operating System: You select window/linux for your service

      - Extra IP Address: If you need to buy more IP addresses, pick them here

  * Extra services: These are many types of control panel for running websites, if you don't know or have no demand, don't select

+ 4: See a summary of selections and the cost of your configuration and click Continue



C. Payment

1: Check and pay: You can simultanously purchase many items having the same configuration by entering the number and then updating

     + Each payment method leads to different payment gateway charge

2: Fill out your own info if you are a new customer ( choose a country first if you are not in the US, then insert Province/City). If you are a member, select tab Sign in


     + Discount code: If you have a discount code, enter it and then Confirm 

     + Extra info required or note: If you want to describe more the service you wnat us to know

     + Payment method and payment gateway charge: Each payment gateway will present its charge in detail

4: Tick the box "I've read it and agree Service terms" and click Pay



D. Payment information: Next the system will automatically move onto the bill that you'll pay for

2: If the payment gateways are automatic like PayPal, Credit Card, OKPAY, Perfect Money, Bitcoin: Invoice will show a button so that you can pay by clicking it 

1 & 2: If the payment gateways are manual like: Vietnam inland banks, WMZ: Invoice will show the account number to which you transfer the money, the content is the invoice number (Invoice 4993)

3: Is the amount of money you have to pay this invoice, if your bank is in Vietnam you multiply with the exchange rate shown in 1



>> If there is any problem please contact livechat agency or open a supporting ticket here

Yours sincerely!