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How to transfer SSH to VPS Linux with PuTTY


To manage servers running Linux, you need a tool to transfer SSH to your server through Port 22 of your server. You can use a program called Putty to transfer SSH to your server as follows

Step 1: Download the program here https://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty.exe

Step 2: Run the downloaded program we will have a screen as follows 

Step 3: 

- Enter a Host Name which is the IP address that MaxServer's provided you with
- Select Port 22, Connection type is SSH --> click on Open to open sessions
+ You can save sessions for the next log-in by entering names of sessions and click on Save 

Step 4: Use the root account that MaxServer has provided you with in order to log in
- Username: root
- Pass: The password that you type will be invisible. However you should keep typing characters correctly and then Enter ( or you can copy the password and press the right mouse button to paste onto Putty screen and press Enter)  

The screen after logging in sucessfully

Besides you can see more common commands to use here 


Good luck!