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How to synchronize folders with Rsync without a password
Rsync is a widely-used widget to store copies of a folder in two computer system... more
How to transfer SSH to VPS Linux with PuTTY
To manage servers running Linux, you need a tool to transfer SSH to your server ... more
General exploration on types of saving RAID
In the course of consulting and supporting customers, Maxserver has receive many... more
Yum commands on centos 6
Yum commands on centos 6 how to use: yum [option] command Command listDanh sách... more
Basic commands of centos / linux
# passwd : change the password (the first thing you should do right after we giv... more
Explore the crontab
What is Crontab? Crontab is a widget software based on scheduled work and timin... more
Firewall of ubuntu
ufw - Firewall Default firewall configuration tools for Ubuntu are ufw. Develope... more
Explore Incrond
What is incrond? Incrond (inotify cron daemon) is a daemon which keep track of... more